Van Cargo Drawer / Tray Kit
Van Cargo Drawer / Tray Kit
Van Cargo Drawer / Tray Kit
Van Cargo Drawer / Tray Kit
Van Cargo Drawer / Tray Kit
Van Cargo Drawer / Tray Kit

Van Cargo Drawer / Tray Kit

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Meet the Featherbuilt Cargo Drawer—your campervan's new best friend for on-the-go organization. 

No more chaotic garages and the dreaded crawl of shame as you dig for that elusive piece of gear. With our sleek, customizable drawers, you can effortlessly find everything you need and turn a few heads at the trailhead while doing it.


  • Crafted with love (and various materials): We create each drawer in-house from the same professional grade materials we use in all of our van builds.
  • Fits like a glove: Choose from standard sizes or shimmy into a fully customized option for an additional extra fee.
  • Smooth operator: These heavy-duty slides, rated for 300 lbs, are designed to handle whatever adventure you throw their way. Lock-in and lock-out for your safety and convenience.
  • Double trouble: Maximize your storage by combining two drawers in the back. Perfect for those who can never have too much camping gear. Yes, you should bring your climbing gear, the paddleboard, the camp chairs, tables, and the mountain bikes.

Choose your length, width, and height, then pick from one of our material options to lock in your choice.

Height Options:

4" Tray - Perfect for bins, tubs, baskets and bags. Rigid items that won't roll out of the tray. Also great for bikes with fork mounts, and other standing gear items.

9" Drawer - Great for holding lots of little items, smaller bags and round things that might fall out of the tray. Tapered at the front to make it easy to load in and out.

What's Included:

  • 2x Mounting Brackets
  • 2x Heavy Duty Drawer Slides
  • 1x Cargo Drawer (ready to assemble)
  • 10x Fasteners for Slides-to-Brackets
  • 10x Fasteners for Drawer-to-Slides
  • Installation Wrench

Not Included:

  • Fasteners to mount the brackets to the van.

This part is up to you, based on your van, the interior and exterior components, and the location of the drawer. We will provide product recommendations, do's and don'ts, and other guidance for you. Don't sweat!


Tools Required:

(Just the tools and fasteners you need to install it in your van)

  • Drill and Drill Bits
  • Socket Wrench Set to tighten bolts
  • Automotive Primer to protect drilled holes


Looking for something custom?

We can create a wide variety of widths, lengths, heights and shapes of drawers. We'd also love to build in some dividers, sliding lids, and additional storage or mounting options if you have something specific in mind (cooktop? bike station?). Just get in touch for a quick quote!

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