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Introduction: Patrick B.

I’ll try to keep this short - my name is Patrick and I’m the creator of Featherbuilt - the idea that turned into a project that is now a living, breathing thing (at least in the eyes of the federal government). I am usually a little quiet, but once I get going I can be kind of wordy. I also overuse parentheses. And commas.

I grew up in Colorado (though I can’t say I’m a native because they get real touchy about it if you’re not born here) and I stayed to study engineering and architecture. We loved the outdoors as a family and we often enjoyed the skiing and camping in our backyard. As I got older, I discovered the joys of exploring new places, foreign and domestic, mostly out of doors. I also learned that my natural pace is a little slower than most - and I find peace in taking my time. I like to walk instead of run. I’d prefer a slow cruise over a downhill track.

I gained experience designing and building things by hand, on a computer and with machines. I found my design style reflected the same aspects I enjoyed about the outdoors. Natural materials, simple designs and minimalism define my work. I started combining my relationship to the outdoors and travel with my design and fabrication process and it has evolved into the work we’re doing now at Featherbuilt.

Why Featherbuilt?

Featherbuilt exists to help you create the adventure vehicle you’ve always dreamed of. There are so many good options for adventure rigs, campervans, RVs, trucks, trailers, etc. However, customization can be very expensive. In many cases it can be easier, more fun and less expensive to build something of your own. Our goal is to provide you with the information, resources, products and inspiration to help you build your rig (or rigs) at a professional level. And to help make that process as enjoyable and smooth as possible.

We are firm believers that:

  • Traveling - no matter how far, how long, or how often, is always a good thing. It’s good when you’re alone. It’s good when you’re with others. It’s good when you go to strange places, or familiar places with fresh eyes.

  • The outdoors (or nature, as some people know it) has healing, creative, and connective powers.

  • There is immense value in building something for yourself. You will value it more, you will learn a lot, and you will know how to fix it if it breaks.

We want to help get you out there, traveling, in your own way. Fast or slow. Far or near. Whether you measure it in hours and days, or months and years. If you are more of a glamper, or an ultralight minimalist.

Introduction: Featherbuilt Blog

We are working on a variety of articles covering a wide range of topics. We will be posting new articles every week with the goal of starting conversations, breaking down technical subjects, and providing inspiration for your builds.

Some posts will be one-offs, while others will break down large topics into a series of articles. In general, you can expect to find posts in these formats:


An overview of a topic: it could be our approach to how to solve specific problems, our view on certain aspects of adventure vehicles (technical and editorial). These can be as general as how to design with Leave No Trace in mind, or as detailed as where you can legally sleep on the street in Elko, NV. Hopefully about the length of one good cup of coffee. Recommend switching to beer for the longer ones...


These posts are content designed to help you through the process of creating your own adventure vehicle. A lot of times there will be downloads or additional resources. There is a ton of research required to complete a build or conversion, and our goal is to provide as much help as we can. Download it, print it, use it (then use the paper as tinder for your campfire 🔥).


These are technical guides for how to build, make, fabricate and otherwise install components in adventure vehicles. Expect these to be visual, in-depth and vehicle specific. Read through it, prepare your components and vehicle, ask questions, then print out the PDF version and use it while you’re in the garage (or driveway, shop, backyard, parking lot, trailhead, etc).


These are personal. It might be a behind-the-scenes look at our design and build process. It could be a trip report from a recent jaunt to parts unknown. Or just pictures of dogs and trucks. No promises, no guarantees.



When new posts are ready I’ll send you a note via your notification method of choice:

  • You can get them hand-delivered directly to your email inbox the instant they are online by submitting your email below.

  • You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook and also see our dogs and trucks.

  • You will also see a bunch of our visuals over on Pinterest - good inspiration over there.

  • Or for the low, low price of $2.95 per post, I will print them out and mail them to your house, van, RV, tiny home, bus or shoebox. FYI - you’ll get them about 13 days after the rest of the world...


The first resource post is up - go give it a read and learn how to create a budget for any type of vehicle conversion!

Thanks for reading!

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