Maximize Your Campervan Garage Space

Van folks know that one of the most crucial aspects of living the van life is effective organization and storage and this is especially in the "garage" area. The garage, typically located under the bed, houses essential items such as electrical storage boxes, water storage boxes, bikes, skis, and other bulky camping gear. Proper organization of this space is vital for both convenience and maximizing available storage. Let's explore the benefits and drawbacks of using a cargo drawer and how our versatile drawer system can enhance your campervan's garage organization.

Pros of Using a Cargo Drawer:

  1. Improved accessibility: A cargo drawer allows you to easily access items stored in the back of your van without having to crawl around and move things aside.
  2. Efficient organization: A well-designed cargo drawer keeps your belongings neatly organized, making it simple to locate items quickly.
  3. Customizable storage: Our wooden cargo drawer system offers multiple materials and customizable sizes, accommodating various needs and preferences.
  4. Expandable options: Our drawer can be combined to use two drawers in the back, providing even more storage and organization possibilities.

Cons of installing a Cargo Drawer:

  1. Compatibility: Not every van layout is suitable for a cargo drawer system. It's essential to consider your van's specific dimensions and design before investing in a drawer system.
  2. Potential weight increase: Adding a cargo drawer can increase the overall weight of your vehicle, which could affect fuel efficiency and performance.

Why Choose the Featherbuilt Cargo Drawer System:

Our wooden drawer system, installed on heavy-duty slides, is designed to maximize your van's garage storage potential. Our wooden drawer offers a unique blend of functionality, aesthetics, and customization options. It is perfect for vans with a bed above, and the drawers can be customized in different lengths and widths to accommodate various van layouts.

Whether you need to store camping gear, sports equipment, or just need a better way to organize your personal stuff, our cargo drawers provide an elegant and practical solution. Plus, the option to create custom sizes ensures that your campervan's storage will be tailored to your unique needs.

Go check out our drawer system to see how you can add the ultimate storage solution to your van garage!

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