Our Favorite Tools for Featherbuilt Installations

So, you bought a van - woohoo!

And then you bought some Featherbuilt products to get started on your van build - woohoo!

Specifically, you bought our Wall, Ceiling, or Rail Kits - major woohoo!

Now that you've taken the plunge, it's time to take a look at exactly which tools you're going to need. We've compiled a list of our favorite tools and helpful supplies to make your installation go as smoothly as possible.

1. Cordless Drill

  • This will be critical during all aspects of your van build, so don't shy away from investing in a good one with a long battery life!


2. Step Up Bit

  • This is the tool you will be using in conjunction with your drill to expand the size of the factory holes in the van to be big enough to install the proper Rivet Nut (more on that later).

  • ⅜" or 10mm

3. Pneumatic Rivet Nut Gun

  • If you have access to an air compressor, this is the Rivet Nut gun we recommend! It's heavy duty but easy to handle.

  • Make sure it comes with a ¼ mandrel to fit the Featherbuilt ¼-20 hardware 

4. Rivet Nut Drill Adapter

  • If you don't have access to an air compressor, this is a great alternative that attaches right to your cordless drill.

5. 5/32 T-Handle Hex Key Wrench

  • Although we include one in your kit, having a backup is a great idea for tightening all the ¼-20 screws. This one has a comfortable rubber grip.

6. 5/32 Hex Key Drill Bit

  • If you want to move a little faster, this 5/32 bit will help you tighten the ¼-20 screws faster. Be careful of your speed and torquing the screw/rivnut!


7. Short Drill Bit

  • In the case of the Wall and Rail kit, you will need to match drill a few holes. If you're feeling unsure about your ability to control the bit when you drill through the van's sheet metal, having a short bit will ensure you don't poke through the outside of your van.

8. Rust Prevention Spray

  • Any time you're cutting new holes in your van's sheet metal, you should be protecting the metal and preventing rust. We give each of our rivet nut holes a little spray before inserting the rivet nut.


Other Helpful Items

  • Safety glasses (sheet metal shards are no fun!)
  • Sharpie (great for reminding yourself which holes to drill)
  • Rubbing alcohol (great for cleaning up paint and Sharpie marks)
  • Rubber mats (you'll be doing quite a bit of kneeling on the van floor and this helps catch metal shavings as well as protect your knees)


So, there you have it – our personal arsenal of favorite tools for installing Featherbuilt wall and ceiling panel kits. These trusty companions will help you turn an ordinary van into your dreamy mobile home. Remember, your safety should always come first, so make sure to gear up with the necessary safety equipment before you dive into your own conversion adventure. Happy converting!