Insulation - Heat Wave Pro
Insulation - Heat Wave Pro
Insulation - Heat Wave Pro
Insulation - Heat Wave Pro
Insulation - Heat Wave Pro

Insulation - Heat Wave Pro

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Experience a whole new level of comfort in your van with Heat Wave Pro from Second Skin, a high-performance sound and thermal insulation. Made from eco-friendly treated jute material sandwiched between two layers of reinforced foil fabric, this lightweight insulator provides exceptional R-value, reduces noise transfer, and reflects radiant heat for a quieter, more comfortable ride.


  • Dual-function thermal acoustic insulation for sound absorption and heat reflection
  • R-Value per inch roughly 50% better than average home insulation
  • Fire, mold, and mildew-resistant treated jute material
  • Each sheet measures 3/8" thick and 6' by 4' (24 Sq Ft)
  • Weight: 0.188 pounds per square foot
  • Temperature rated up to 250 F
  • Made in the USA

Product Usage:

  • Easy to cut with scissors
  • Apply using Contact Spray Adhesive
  • Ideal for use above sound deadener and beneath noise barriers, headliners, or under the hood

Recommended Install Locations:

  • Doors - outer and inner door skins
  • Walls - side walls in all areas of the cargo area and cab area
  • Roof - replace or install above the headliner
  • Hood - under the hood

Enhance the comfort and functionality of your DIY van conversion with the versatile and efficient Heat Wave Pro sound and thermal insulation. Reach out to us with any questions about potential use cases, and let us help you create the perfect environment for your travels.

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